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Linuxmint 17.3 no authentication when updating manually

I have recently installed Version 1.08 to be able to login in Linuxmint with fingerprint (works fine :) ). But there is no dialog to use fingerprint authentication when i manually want to install normal system updates (blue icon).
I'm using a german version of Linuxmint but the titlebar of the password dialog is in english. Hardware is a T410 using Upek (0x147e) Biometric Touchchip/Touchstrip Fingerprint Sensor (0x2016). Other password dialogs seems to be detected correctly.
Permalink bitboy 
May 18th, 2016 3:15am
There are two files conflicting each other:
If you remove the "polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1.desktop" the fingerprint-polkit-agent will be started requesting fingerprint authentication (in english).
If you remove the "fingerprint-polkit-agent.desktop" the polkit-gnome-authentication-agent will be started requesting authentication without fingerprint in your language.
If you keep both files the both agents are started and are conflicting. So please remove one of these files and restart your system.
Permalink Wolfgang Ullrich 
May 18th, 2016 10:12am
You're right, its working now :) Maybe a future release could show a hint if both files exists.
May 19th, 2016 11:28am

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