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Popup delays on lockscreen and gets stuck if password used.

Hello and thanks for this great package.

I use Lenovo G50-80 with a "Validity Sensors, Inc. (0x138a) VFS5011 Fingerprint Reader (0x11)" device and I have Ubuntu 16.04 in it.

Everything work fine except from the lockscreen. When booting the computer and getting in the login screen, the popup takes around 10 seconds to appear.

If in the meantime if I try to use the password and I press "Enter" before the popup appears, then the password check will freeze until I authenticate with the fingerprint. If I click "Enter" after the popup appears, all work great.

When using Terminal or get to the lockscreen by logout everything works great and quick.

Is there any way to a) reduce the time the popup appears after boot and/or b) make the password login work even before the popup appears?

Thanks in advance
Permalink Thomas Pappas 
August 11th, 2016 12:32am
I have the same problem. Still unsolved.
Permalink Pavel 
August 21st, 2016 6:42pm

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