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Fingerprint GUI LM 17.2 sencondary Display off - out of sync -

Dear Wolfgang,

first of all, many thanks for your great tool. I like it very much and it eases the entries of passwords often.

An issue I am encountering, however, is the prompt for the fingerprint in the display manager (in my case it is mdm). The target is the second screen and the fingerprint gui only occasionally appears, because it seems to switch the screen into a different video mode, where the display sometimes stays blank, sometimes reappears, but is not responsive, etc.

In any case. Is there a possible config to turn off the on screen display of fingerprint gui on the display managers ? The LED at the FP reader would be enough for me and I think I can avoid the trouble with the display then. Or do you know of any other way to avoid the matter, e.g. using the primary display only?

Config: Lenovo (still engineered by IBM :) X220 Tablet i7 1366x768 Intel GPU with external UHD 3840x2160 display connected via DP 1.2 (no hiDPI). LM17.2 currently.

Thanks in advance, Joe
Permalink Joo Lorenz 
October 22nd, 2016 1:08pm

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