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"No Devices Found!" for my HP ENVY notebook.

In the Devices tab it says:

Attached USB Devices:

Linux Foundation (0x1d6b) 3.0 root hub (0x3)Validity Sensors, Inc. (0x138a) Swipe Fingerprint Sensor (0x50)
Intel Corp. (0x8087) unknown device (0xa2a)
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd (Foxlink) (0x5c8) unknown device (0x389)
unknown vendor (0x2687) unknown device (0xfb01)
Linux Foundation (0x1d6b) 2.0 root hub (0x2)
Permalink JakeP 
November 27th, 2016 11:19pm
Validty Sensors etc. should be on the next line, not on the same line as the "root hub" line.
Permalink JakeP 
November 27th, 2016 11:20pm

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