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AES1660 issues and how to resolve it

According to an old bug
Aes1660 have problems with fingerprints verify.
I used to install FPgui and properly working, but trying to verify gives me not match. 0 of 100 sucess.
However, Valisiy Khoruzhick ( wrote a little fix for that:

Im newbie in linux, but as i can see, you guys using another lib to work with.
So point of this thread, how i and other people with aes1660 can fix it?
Can i still use a patch provided by Vasiliy?
If not, how i can manualy tweak aes1660?
Big thanks to all provided posts on this thread
Permalink fridaytime 
March 26th, 2017 7:05pm
Its works. Just need a lot of tryes, Those fingerprints in pictures looks weirdly squished and pinched, i thought it was bad tweak in driver. Close/delete this thread,
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March 27th, 2017 5:31am

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